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Energy Technology Centre is located on the Scottish Enterprise Technology Park in East Kilbride and occupies a facility which was formerly part of the UK National Engineering Laboratory.   Our primary focus is on the development of energy conversion devices in the renewable and low carbon sector.  

The company's core skills and expertise are in mechanical, electrical and aeronautical engineering.  Sectoral expertise is offered across a range of energy technologies include wind, marine, energy storage, biomass, fuel cells, hydrogen, low emission/alternative fuels for IC engines and low carbon vehicles.

A range of engineering test assets enables us to support clients’ development and test requirements for a range of mechanical, thermal and electrical applications.  A key feature of the ETC service provision is its versatility and in particular the option of configuring the asset base to meet client needs.

Energy Technology Centre offers creative options for accessing expertise and facilities through turnkey project execution and client access to test facilities under clear permissions and guidelines.

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Property Refurbishment

The Energy Technology Centre property has been refurbished as an exemplar in low carbon buildings technology.  Energy Technology Centre was a partner in the EU Interreg IVB REGAIN project and completed the refurbishment of the property in 2013.  The project brought together six partners from across Europe: BEP, Belgium; SIZIAF, France; Blaenau Gwent Council, Wales; Palme, France and Environment Park, Italy.

The project acts as a demonstrator of best practice in property refurbishment and has achieved a reduced carbon footprint from the operation of industrial buildings.  In addition to technology, sustainable methods in project execution formed a key element of the demonstrator.  Elements of the project at Energy Technology Centre included:

Funded by

Improving the building fabric

Improved insulation to prevent heat transfer to the atmosphere:

  • Insulation of roof and floor slab
  • Wall cladding
  • Replacement of all doors and windows

Integrated Energy System

  • Biomass boiler installed for central heating
  • Waste heat recovery from lab activities and thermal energy storage
  • Renewable power generation from a wind turbine and PV array
  • Electrical energy storage
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Energy management

Energy Systems

We are committed to reducing our own energy consumption and minimising the carbon footprint resulting from our business activities.

The first priority is to reduce energy demand and consumption at our office and facilities. This has largely been achieved through the building refurbishment, which took the building's Energy Performance rating from G (the lowest rating) to B+.  Further savings have been made through awareness of our energy use and changing behaviour to save energy.

Having reduced the energy consumption, the remaining energy demand is partly met from renewable and low carbon sources.  Waste heat is recovered from the testing activities to heat the buildings and power is generated from a photovoltaic array and wind turbine on-site.  The performance of the PV system can be tracked live using the widget below.