Energy Technology Centre has a comprehensive design capability for:

  • Complete wind turbine systems 
  • Bespoke test rigs
  • Prototype mechanical, thermal, electrical systems
  • Measurement systems

Design activities are supported with CAD, SolidWorks, modelling capability and visualisation software.



Our engineers have expertise in energy systems and can develop software solutions to model the performance of systems from first principles.

We use SolidWorks Simulation regularly for finite element and kinematics analysis to ensure the structural integrity of ETC test rigs and also undertake analysis and design reviews for our clients.

Our specific expertise in wind turbines is used in failure investigations and root cause analyses for Government, Certification Scheme Administrators and also in legal disputes.


Providing advice is an important aspect of our business, helping clients develop their innovative ideas to working prototypes and then taking products on to the market.  Key offerings are:

  • Design file review, technical due diligence
  • Routes to certification (S&MWT)
  • Test programme development
  • Prototype/product development