Wind Energy

We offer expertise in the wind industry with experience at all scales of wind energy from micro turbines to offshore systems.

As active members of the industry, we are represented on RenewableUK Standards Groups, IEC technical working groups and MCS working groups, developing standards and certification requirements for the industry.

Energy Technology Centre provides complete design, prototype build, development and test capability for small and medium scale wind turbines. 

Key facilities to support ETC's wind energy activities include:

  • Whirling arm rain erosion test rig

  • Small wind tunnel

  • Electrical generator and complete drivetrain motoring test rigs

  • Load banks or grid connection options

  • Static, dynamic and cyclic testing of blades and mechanical components

  • Shaker table vibration testing of components

  • Sensors, instrumentation and logging capability for client in-field development testing

  • Design capability, stress analysis and kinematics analysis services

  • Technical due diligence

  • Mechanical testing: static, dynamic and cyclic testing of selected components

  • Hydraulic actuation of pitch control systems

  • Offshore turbine blade erosion investigations

  • Bespoke rig build for client requirements


Marine Power Systems

Energy Technology Centre provides versatile facilities for the engineering development of key elements of marine power systems including mechanisms, flow systems and individual components. 

Hydraulic power packs with a range of actuators allow sinusoidal and profiled time histories to be created for reproducing typical wave motion.  Accelerated life cycle testing and the ability to undertake component qualification helps to de-risk deployment of complete systems offshore. 

Bespoke test rigs can be designed and built to meet specific client requirements covering static, dynamic and cyclic test applications.

Successful projects have included the testing of linear generators and fatigue testing of components for companies in the marine energy industry.


Thermal Systems and Biomass

Comprehensive development and test facilities for a range of thermal power and heat transfer systems are available at Energy Technology Centre.  Key facilities include:

  • SI and Diesel engine test beds

  • Small gas turbine test facility

  • Experimental biomass gasifier

  • 10 bar research shell boiler

  • 4 MW, 30 bar steam generator

  • Test cells for combustion and burner evaluation

  • Dynamometer capacities from 20 kW to 650 kW

  • 2.7 MW cooling capability

  • Exhaust gas emissions measurement capability

These facilities are complemented by instrumentation and logging systems.  Client support for thermal and power system development include:

  • Thermal system design, build and test

  • Thermal power plant evaluation

  • Heat transfer studies

  • Combustion testing and analysis

  • Alternative fuel applications including biomass


Low Carbon Vehicles

With a range of powertrain test cells and a rolling road, Energy Technology Centre is well placed to undertake development projects in support of the decarbonisation of road transport. 

Capabilities in this sector include:

  • Engine development and assessment on alternative fuels including biofuels and hydrogen

  • Development and assessment of emissions reduction technologies

  • Development and application of electric drivetrains for vehicles

  • Novel on-board energy storage systems



Energy Storage

Energy storage is recognised as a key enabling technology for the large scale deployment of intermittent renewable energy systems at a local and national level.

Energy Technology Centre operates both electrical and thermal energy storage systems at its facility to maximise the use of excess heat and power on site.

These energy storage systems are customisable and we undertake R&D activities for clients active in development of storage solutions.

We have developed energy storage control strategies and mathematical models to determine system specifications required to deliver energy storage goals.


Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

Fuel cell performance measurement and development of fuel cell applications can be undertaken in Energy Technology Centre facilities.  Experimental measurements and complementary analytical studies can support different aspects of fuel cell development:

  • Internal gas flow behaviour

  • Temperature distribution

  • Efficiency determination

Development of fuel cell systems for stationary power systems and automotive applications has been undertaken.

Hydrogen for client requirements is currently offered from industrial bottled supplies and plans are being developed to upgrade this capability to a more sustainable model with a vehicle refuelling option.

Energy Technology Centre is an active member of the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.